Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Everyday I wake up in the morning and take a shower,
That's how I start my day as fresh as a flower,

I stand straight take a peak at the mirror,
Wondering how I look, cool or a stunner.

I acknowledge myself and my looks,
Cause I know that I am good in and out,

No wonder people love me for who I am,
cause they know the soul in me is kind and calm,

I love myself each and everyday,
Thanking god for everything, everytime I pray;

I dont care if someone acknowledge me or not,
cause I know if they get to know me, I can never be forgot;

They say some people are born superior and great,
I don't believe it, cause everyone's equal, there's no such thing as fate.

Take pride in yourself for who you are and what you do,
Thats the way of cherishing yourself, I know cause I do;

Sometime things go heavy and you hate the way you are ,
Believe me, those thoughts are false and they never go far;

Nothing in this world are permenant and stable,
Sorrows, pain, anger no matter what you name it or label,

True happiness is not that which come from outside,
Happiness is within you if you search and believe it to be right;

Life is not complicated, it is really simple;
I often look at it , like a pretty face with a small pimple;

We keep feeling bad about the pimple and forget the pretty face;
We get twisted and tangled like a mouse in a never ending maze

Its all about how we think and how we perceive;
Trees that bear fruits also bear leaves;

we forget to see the fruits and count the useless leaves;
Just like we feel about ourselves when there's a problem to face.

I keep cherishing myself for who I am and what I do,
That's my moto and my way to be;

Believe in yourself , In what you can do;
you are beautiful and unique and blessing to this world.
Loving yourself is a path of true happiness;
A happy person is a person who loves himself.

All riches and wealth without joy is a waste;
If you believe in yourself then happiness en lace with your fate.

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